Friday, April 22, 2005

Overcoming Fear

It is amazing how much can happen in just 24 hours when it may sometimes feel as if it takes a lifetime for any change to occur. Such could be the experience that I can relate to that happened to me on Wednesday the 20th of April, just a few days ago.

It was to be the night of our Toastmasters' club meeting. The theme was already set as "Love Conquers All" and I was invited to be the Toast Master of the Evening (TME). Busy as I am always with a zillion things going on, inspiration always saves the day to make it a night to remember.I was typing the agenda for the night and noted that the dress code was, 'attire to attract love' and the Word of the Day was 'Flummox' which means to bewilder. On the very evening before the meeting itself, I made a decision that would really 'Flummox' everyone. Usually, on the day that I would have a Toastmasters' meeting, I would not pick the boys home from school so that I could head to the meeting near my office after work. But on that day I decided to go do the pickup at school and be home early.

As soon as I got home, the action kicked in for me to go to the barber for a haircut. Now my usual choice of a barber is usually my wife's hairdressing salon who gives me a more perfect haircut and a wash as opposed to going to the Indian barbershop nearby. However, there were times that I would have a haircut with the boys at the Indian barbershop. The younger boys would often have their hair shaved off almost bald and look really smart and cool I thought. If only I could do the same I often told myself. These thoughts came to me again a month ago when I was at the same barbershop with the boys but I had only the courage to chose a No 2 haircut. I've learned from the barber that each number determines how short you would like your hair to be cut. No 4 would just be a trim, 3 a reasonable haircut with hair not covering the ears and a sloped back, 2 would be really short and 1 is a complete shave.

Give me a Number 1!

Well, my thoughts were to really dress up for the night's meeting in accordance with the theme and so I went for the No 1 haircut and the result is as the photos posted! Once I had overcome the fear of a 'flummox' haircut I ventured into a nearby optician and decided to change my glasses as well to the slim narrow stylish type. The Toastmaster's Meeting turned out really well and you can view the pics by clicking the link Love Theme Meeting

A few other things happened within the 24hours of that meeting which I will reveal in the next post but what do you think of the new look?

So what do you think?


Fei said...

*sniff* *sniff*

Smells like a midlife crisis... lol

So, when are you going to buy a convertabile? Hehehe

I wish I could get away with a drastic haircut like that. Instead, I perm and color and KILL my hair. Great, now you're giving me ideas...

Dad the KL city kid said...

No No, not midlife crisis but midlife creativity just as we should not say fall in love but rise in love. Interesting how a common language can have such negative connotations.

Convertible? Nah thats not cool enough. Wait till you see what I got in the next few photo postings to come! It's wey cool!