Oh Noooo! Some Fool (SF) is going crazy.....

It is April 1st. Anyone played an April fools joke on you yet? Well I woke up with lots of inspiration this morning, you know... Sun Fu's(SF's) inspirational thoughts, get the connection??

I am going to send an email to everyone I know, and I mean everyone in the whole wide world, with the heading, THIS IS NOT AN APRIL FOOL'S JOKE! I will attach a profile of myself which will be found at http://fastlane.info/profile (PC view only) and make an offer that is valid only if they respond to me before their mid-night of April 1, local time and date.

The offer is simply this. I am officially launching my public speaking and coaching career on April 1 and therefore anyone can book me this year to speak at their establishment at a rate of paying anything they like, even paying nothing is ok, if they simply send me a reply mail to sunfu@fastlane.info saying, I reserve you this April Fool's Day! Time and details can be worked out later.

Remember, this is not an April Fool's Joke!

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