Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The mid week fast

I am still back tracking to cover significant events that happened on the mid-week of April 20th. I wish I had all the time in the world to write a daily journal but this is good enough, to record that which is significant. So I cropped my hair just to really be funny as the Toastmaster of the Evening(TME). Since my qualification as a Certified Toast Master(CTM), which came about by completing 10 speeches from the basic communication and leadership manual, I have been working on 2 advanced manuals, one being 'The Professional Speaker' and the other is 'Humorously Speaking'. I wanted to be the Consultant/Coach that could not only present well but could connect to the audience through humor! Here was my chance to act in the role as the TME or Master of Ceremony that night and really liven up the evening with my new look and my funny Utah English that I was mimicking. Little did I know that in the group that would meet together that night was an American couple from Anaheim! Alan Rockefeller and his wife Gina are Life Coaches on a trip here to service some clients and are also Toastmasters and they just happened to visit our ITC-Bintang club meeting.

After the meeting that night, I had planned to leave for Singapore as part of my monthly visit, plus the next day was a public holiday so I could be spared to be away from office and the school runs that I do. However things turned around as they some times do and for someone as flexible as me, it is never a problem. I felt inspired to stay on and since my family had anticipated me to be away, I would return to my office to find some quiet time to meditate, even fast and pray.

In the past week starting on Monday April 18, some strange feelings started coming to me, almost reminscent of the time when I was seeking for God and his purpose for me in Dec 1979. I have started to share those sacred experiences in a special blog that is continuing on besides this one! Now what strange feelings am I referring to? Strange to me is I guess something that is out of the ordinary or different from what I normally expect. The feeling was reminscent to 1979 because in that year, I had set my mind for a career after graduation but I had strange impressions to do otherwise.(You need to read that special blog to appreciate the unfolding story.) Anyway I started thumbing through my scripture at the office on that early Monday morning, seeking an interpretation of my strange feelings. I would do that for the next few days and I decided that the thing different that I would do this time from my usual scripture reading exercise was to type out the inspired verses of those strange moments! I felt the advantage of doing this, whether I was under the spell of 'strange feelings' or not, anyway as I could feel that the scriptural verses became more impressive to me as I typed them instead of just reading them. Call me nuts as some may have already done so but I am one who has been known to be unconventional so let it be.

Boy little did I realize that this would just eat more time off my already busy lifestyle but the result is astounding and I felt it important to do so. The interpretation? Well let the reader be the judge after I've completed typing the passages that I had to ear mark and write them in my diary in order to do the typing work when I'm free! Another blog?? Yes afraid so and the inspired verses are found at I had the intention at first to type the scriptures on the day and time I received the inspiration but I think only the first one will be accurate as I have not been detailed enough to jot down the exact time of opening up the other scriptures that seemed to be pouring out to me during those few days. As I'm completing this paragraph, already the Singapore girl is asking what time I am coming home! I shall continue this later!

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