We're Safe

It's the day after Easter. Another earth quake. I can't help but to think of the previous quake that happened the day after Christmas. We've already received an email this morning from my nephew, asking us if we're ok. Yes, we're ok. We didn't feel the tremor in our home. Thank you for your love and concern, all of our family and friends out there!

This is in the front page news of the paper today.  Posted by Hello

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Dad the KL city kid said...

Another wake up call for everyone that our lives are not completely our own and that there is a purpose to it. For the KL people, they can visit an Open House at our KL Church on Sat 9th April to find answers. It is at 4 Jln. Ampang Tengah, off Jalan Ampang(2 houses away from the Perkeso building or Road House Grill on Jln. Ampang)