Let's start at the very beginning.....with do-re-mi...(Julie Andrew's song in The Sound of Music)

Wow. Ideas are flowing and the blog is probably a good place to write them down before they disappear. This whole thing really started from my curiosity to experiment the blogging experience after seeing how fervently our oldest daughter first and later our oldest son are caught on into it, just like chatting on the internet. I must say that both Fei Min and Woon Han must have been influenced by their father who was one of the pioneers in spreading the personal computer technology in the country as early as 1985. Our first child was born a year before/ It started from the days of the Apple computer with their Visicalc and Word Star programs and migrating later to the IBM PC world of Lotus 123 and Word Perfect.

Then Bill Gates introduced Windows and took over with his Excel and Word as the Internet World began to take shape to bring us to where we are today. Yes Boys and Girls! Your Mom and Dad lived throughout that era where 6 of you were born, luckily not all at the same time. Mom was with me when we first figured out the complexities of using the word processor Word Star and the spreadsheet Visicalc. 

When we got our first breakthrough in selling the first batch of over 20 PCs to FIMA Metal Box Berhad, Mom helped me by giving the large group of users training and support. The company was an established local company who came out with a loan & pay deduction scheme to help their staff to purchase PCs for themselves. We remember working with its Sales Manager George who initiated this program under his leadership. I wonder where George is as we ran into him years later to find that he was working for a New Zealand dairy company but have since lost contact with each other. Other key personalities in the company are his staff such as Doris whom we also helped to become computer literate. If not, at least be able to play the many computer games that were already coming into the market. Ha Ha Ha! 

Oh yes, mom and I had spent many late nights together trying to beat the previous highest score on the computer game, sounds familiar? All that stopped when you kids started arriving! Ever heard of Jump Jets on the Apple II???? We are that ancient huh?? Well so much for a little history there as it is not about the flowing ideas that comes to my mind at this day and time that started me off with this blog. Guess here is where you will see the trait of me again, for better or for worse, starting off with an objective, then allowing myself to dwell with nostalgia and many sweet memories as my mind fluidly flows, but always never forgetting to come back to the objective again. 

When I heard that the blog had no limits of space, I thought this is even better than the websites that I have been building to express myself which has limitation of space depending on your budget. Well, we all think of money as the limitation and then of course there is the physical space itself but don't forget there is always the limitation of time! 

I've improved tremendously in my communication skills after joining the Toastmasters Club for I learnt quickly there that you get only limited time for your speech assignment and I've often been caught starting off great to find that I didn't even have enough time to get to the key points of the subject, let alone trying to give a summary when the time keeper is already flashing the red light and ringing the bell!!! 

It happened to me at Church too in a recent District Conference meeting where I was to speak about Family History Work. So many gave me a raving compliment later of how great the talk was to the extent that I was requested by the outward bound branch in Malacca to repeat the topic in my recent District Councilor's visit! But do you know something? I was running out of time there too but luckily the spirit guided me to end the talk quickly with Joseph Smith's revelation in D&C 128:25 on baptism for the dead which reads, " Brethren, I have many things to say to you on the subject; but shall now close for the present, and continue the subject another time. I am as ever, your humble servant and never deviating friend, JOSEPH SMITH." 

I think many were just impressed how timely and appropriate the scripture was used and I just have to thank Heavenly Father for that! Yes time is the real limiting factor as even the world's richest man shares the same hours and minutes with us. I've always been conscious of that and have always tried not to allow things of value to me to be sacrificed for things that are of lesser value. So where is the beginning guys? It is the do re mi of life. I shall begin not by chronological order in my blog but from the values that I feel will make a difference to us in our lives and that of others too who are influenced by us if not dependent on us. 

Hmmmm... the Do Re Mi of life! How about the Body, Mind and Spirit of Life? I think the blog will help me clarify and strengthen my own values and like a well prepared talk, I hope to be able to present these to the public with greater clarity in a shorter time using the technology available to us today. All this is in hope that it will benefit someone or some family unit or even a business unit. As a management consultant and an up & coming executive coach, I will design Fastlane.info to be the communication portal for the commercial world. 

Familylane.info will be the portal for improving human relationships especially for families who are being heavily attacked today. I will later hope to create another portal for those seeking more spirituality in their lives. So thanks to blogging, I can foresee that it will help me moderate the development of these intended portals to share it with an international community of real people in real situations of real life contributing to make the world a better place. If anything, it will help me to be a more optimal person than before. Last but not least, I hope this blog will help families such as ours become closer as distances, preoccupations and effects of rapid change tend to separate us!

It is noted that Fei Min started blogging in January of the year 2004 as the pioneer in our family!

Postdated 2021:  www.AbacusToCloud.com


Fei said...

AAaaaah! Welcome to the world of blogging, Dad! I am so pleased that you have decided to venture into this realm. Seriously, if you take advantage of this place, you will find it very liberating.

This is THE place to start writing. I mean, I know you want to write a book. This is the place to start. I know that if I ever write a book in the future, my blog is the first place I'll look.

Also an awesome place to publish your testimony and what not. The options are endless.

I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself! One day when you become a famous writer, I will be able to take all the credit. Hehehe.

Happy Blogging! Enjoy!

Much love,

Dad the KL city kid said...

Thanks! It seems to be working out ok so far. Started off as an exercise to keep up with you teenagers I suppose but yeahh, you will definitely get the credit when I become that famous writer hehehe

I am already elated that it's getting a response from you and keep us closer together.



Singapore Girl said...

Wow, now we see where the long-windedness come from...hahaha.

Welcome to the gang. =D

Han 文翰 said...

I'm not going to be left out of this party... so it's my turn to leave a comment

Welcome to the world of endless thoughts, dad. You'll find out soon enough how fun blogging is...

...and I just found out for the first time that you had this style of writing. I guess I'm know less about you than you know about my computer games hahaha

Dad the KL city kid said...

And Wow Han, I didn't know you would end up being a software engineer from Yale-NUS working with the international company JP Morgan in Singapore today. Time travel online is such a cool thing!

Dad the KL city kid said...
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Dad the KL city kid said...

Well Fei, since you've become Faye-mous already, I am also following suit and the date of this comment to you and to Han is 19 May 2019, about 14 years since we first started the comments above!