Sunday, April 03, 2005

Everything happening on a Sunday!

What a day it has been! Firstly, today is the date when the Chinese commemorate a version of the Catholic's "All Souls Day" (All Souls' Day is a Roman Catholic day commemorating the faithful departed or those baptized Christians believed to be in purgatory. Deepest sympathies to all Catholics for the recent demise of Pope John Paul II) For the Chinese, it is the time to visit the grave yard of their ancestors to perform some rites and make some food offerings. For our family, it is timely to visit my mom's grave at Petaling Jaya in a Christian Cemetry where no rites are performed but just a visit in rememberance of her life here. She passed away on 22nd Oct 1982 and I had created a web memoriam for her recently at

Han and Shuan had their gymnastic competition on today and the three of us had to miss Church.They came home with a silver medal for their team event, photos posted above. The other two boys could go with their mom but she too had to attend a wedding of a friend later in the morning. With a district youth conference planning meeting for her again in the late afternoon and my visit with the boys to grandma's grave, we were glad to get together again over the dining table in the night time!

Last but not least, is born. It will contain my spiritual experiences that I had referred to in the Easter posting. They are so sacred that I felt it had to be stored in a more sacred site than this. No commentaries are allowed in that blog, just a silent testimony from an ordinary man who needed to know the truth. It symbolizes a lot like our life, ever so busy with so much happening but in the quiet moments, it is there that we will find God. Hope you will gain something from it!

A family in a Chinese Cemetry making burnt offerings Posted by Hello

Visiting Grandma's grave in a Christian Cemetry Posted by Hello

The girls won gold and the guys the silver Posted by Hello

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