Monday, June 13, 2005

Two trips to remember

The boys had two weeks of holidays from school recently. Typical of the Chinese School system, they had to go back to school even on school holidays for a few days. That made planning a trip out of town for an extended period a little difficult. Furthermore, the Singapore girl had to arrange for leave from work. So we finalized a window of time only in the second week of their holidays to plan a nice short vacation for them. They have worked hard during the school term, doing tonnes of homework which again is typical of the Chinese Schooling system. They therefore deserve an enjoyable vacation. The older 2 boys have even longer days at school, 6 days a week actually starting at 7.30am and finishing on the average about 4pm. I guess that is where the Chinese strong work ethics come from!

Planning for holidays in detail has never been my habit for one who prefers to be adventurous. That is why I've never been on a group tour in all my adult life and my first trip to Europe when I was seventeen was on a back pack alone. I just caught an Aeroflot flight via Moscow to London and from there I toured over 10 countries in Europe by rail all by myself!

For family holidays, I've learnt to be more prepared as we are in a bigger group. The way I've found most ideal is that I first venture out solo like a scout to familiarize myself with the 'territory' so to speak and thereafter, the family trip that follows becomes much smoother without wasting precious time. This works most times though ocassionally, like the time in New York city, I dragged my wife walking for miles looking for my favorite Greek restaurant serving Gyros!

So just prior to the school holidays, I decided to take my Kawasaki bike on a solo journey to Singapore and then make my way to Kuantan on the east coast from there using the Segamat road through oil palm plantations. I finally made it back to KL from Kuantan through the new east-west highway that has reduced travelling time from the previous 4 hours by half! This was the First Trip to remember!

The Second trip was with the family and the decision was just to make it to Kuantan alone to spend quality time there. Did we have a great time there? Let's look at the pics that paint a thousand words!

The pics below are primarily of my solo bike journey to Singapore and Kuantan, with a few pics taken in Kuantan from the first and second trip. The Singapore girl however has a much better coverage of the second trip, our family trip, at her blog. After scrolling down for the pics below, do view the pics she posted by clicking here and read her additional text by clicking here.

You can also view Han's pics and read his version here.

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