Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Happy 21st Birthday message to Daughter No 1

This song is a Chinese folk song entitled,"Love from Home" and it is dedicated to you Fei Min on this auspicious day. Mom has written the lyrics in Mandarin at her blog.

We are glad you received the birthday package we sent you which contains several items in your wish list. The VCD family greeting was from our heart which is full of love for you. It's only a beta version as it was done in a hurry so you can expect a more complete version later with more pics and movies from your baby years to adulthood. Yes.....there is more to come! he he he

As it is your 21st Birthday, we think it fitting that more of your wish list should be fulfilled. Tell me what you think of the webhosting facility offered by this provider?

You'll find some Chinese "Ang Pow" also coming your way so look out for that.

You will also receive an email with details of a 52-week program that will help anyone live an OPTIMAL LIFE!

Ohh yeahh, last but not least, this will be found in the second package.

So you'd better go update your birthday wish list soon!

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