Monday, May 16, 2005

Grace our German Shepherd who is guilty of killing squirrels, snakes and cats in our yard including some of our rabbits!


Kelley Bell said...

Your blog is beautiful, and I can tell from your post s and pictures that you are a kind and loving individual.

But this poor dog!
He looks so sad.
He is behind bars, underweight, and looks like he has mange.

Please tell me that you rescued him and that he has found a loving home.

I look into his eyes and my heart bleeds.

Dad the KL city kid said...

Hi Kelley,

Nice of you to visit and don't worry about Grace. The pic and caption was only to create the 'behind bars' effect but she does freely roam the large garden in our home with occasional walks with the family in our neighborhood at night. She has even gone camping with us to the waterfalls and the beach as per the new pics posted.

However she does have a genuine skin problem and have seen better days. We have spent much time and money with several vets and a University Animal hospital without any long lasting results. Diets have been changed and even alternative medicines have been administered. She does have a known pedigree and we are told it could be a hereditary disease. I just took her to the Vet the other day for a blood test to check she is healthy in other ways and she gets a special medicated bath twice a week. I'm afraid that is the best we can do for her. She seems a 'dis-grace' to us in appearance but we love her anyway.